Dermtest is a digital toolbox for skin and wound care

Integrated image management toolbox for large scale implementation

Dermtest started with skin cancer early detection tools and is now a comprehensive digital toolbox for skin and wound care. 

Patients have easy access to primary and specialist care through telehealth. Nurses and practitioners are provided with digital tools for treatment and e-consulting with other specialists. The high-quality image based approach ensures excellent care provision, complete patient pathway coverage and patient autonomy giving patients access to their health data at any time.

Dermtest takes a population based approach for image management and makes sure face-to-face visits are brought to minimum, while the level of care is kept high. The integrated image management solution combines telehealth, decision support, personalized medicine and patient reported outcome capturing.

While focusing on skin and wound care, Dermtest is also applicable to 12 other specialties, including oncology, rheumatology, trauma, allergology and surgery.

The solution covers all Estonian regions and is integrated to main Electronic Health Records. By now, 14% of Estonia’s GPs are in our client base.

Dermtest is available in 3 other European countries and collaborating with large insurances. We are looking for partners from insurances, regions and governments, who want to provide high quality ambulatory health care for patients without face-to-face visits.

Use-case: Dermtest covered Estonia to fight melanoma

Dermtest melanoma prevention and early detection tools empower general practitioners in fighting melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. Dermtest brings remote specialist diagnosis and treatment plans for other skin diseases to local GPs. We offer the modern e-health solution for individual doctor practices, clinic networks, health regions, insurances and governments. The detection service is locally accessible to 1.5 million people. 

The software platform connects general practitioners with dermatologists, to provide early skin cancer detection service to patients at their local general practitioner's office. The service enables discovering early changes in moles that may develop into malignant skin tumors and react quickly with a treatment plan.

As a solution provider, we combine teledermatology software and diagnostic hardware into a complete work-flow management service, including support, change management and awareness building. With the prevention-oriented solution, we can increase access to care, increase quality and cost-efficiency and reduce melanoma mortality.  

Dermtest started in 2013 as a local telemedicine project for early melanoma detection between 2 GP-offices in rural areas and the largest dermato-oncology clinic in the capital of Estonia. It was developed in close cooperation with experienced dermato-oncologists – all practicing clinicians. In 2014 Dermtest spinned-off into a separate company for scaling the technology internationally. The system has been presented at a number of clinical conferences including World Congress of Dermoscopy (2015) and World Congress of Teledermatology (2016) and is compliant with data protection regulations in EU - we have been evaluated by ePrivacy GmbH. New products were launched in 2019 to cover image management in a holistic manner and add wound treatment tools to the toolbox.

Our team has extensive healthcare experience and we involve different healthcare stakeholders into the implementation process. Platform can be localized in your country. 

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