Best way to reduce melanoma mortality is early detection and on-time treatment

Fast skin cancer and skin disease diagnostics by Dermtest empowered local doctors.

Go to your local Dermtest empowered GP and get your suspicious mole imaged 

At a Dermtest empowered doctor, an image of a problematic mole is taken with a special camera (dermatoscope) and sent via Dermtest software to a dermatologist for remote evaluation. 

Dermatoscopic imaging is an acknowledged method for diagnostics. It enables to see even the smallest changes in the skin tissue and increases diagnostic sensitivity by 30%.

Remote diagnostics will be provided by experienced dermatologists in your country

Dermatologist receives all the relevant data to make the evaluation of the mole and provide an initial diagnosis and suggestions for further treatment. 

Personalized summary report

Dermtest generates a personalized follow-up plan, which can be provided to patients. The dermatologist's image evaluation is topped up with algorithm-generated prevention tips.

100% of Estonian regions covered
More than 80,000
images stored
Over 15 million of value provided through early detection

Dermtest is locally accessible to more than 1.5 million people in 3 countries

70% of all melanomas are initially detected by patients or their relatives.

70% of all melanomas emerge from new moles or skin lesions.

Everybody should check their skin regularly and they should also have a quick access to a dermatologist opinion.
This is what Dermtest helps to do - making skin cancer detection easy!