Dermtest enables collaborative care for complex dermatological conditions. 

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Patients go to Dermtest empowered doctors

Dermtest empowers local doctors and family physicians to collaborate with specialists to provide early access to suspicious mole check-ups. More than 70 hospitals and clinics are our partners.

The easiest medical photo management software available

Doctors and nurses can make clinical photos quickly and easily. Clinicians can search, compare or ask a colleague. Photos are securely archived. Dermtest makes sure photos are clinically relevant and easily sorted. Dermtest photo management integrates with existing EHRs, but can be used as stand-alone software.

Dermtest's clients include the 5 largest public hospitals in Estonia and digital tools are used by 15% of the Estonian GP-network.

Specialist-to-specialist teleconsultations are a click away

Locally managed medical photos can be shared with other specialists in teleconsultations or referrals. Dermtest provides a secure access rights management and privacy protection. Individual checklists and other questionnaires are available for specific use-cases.

Dermtest covers 100% of Estonian regions with fast access to suspicious mole check-up. General practitioners use teledermatoscopy with Dermtest to connect 1.3 Million people with dermatological expertise.

75 hospitals and clinics use Dermtest 
More than 200,000
cases managed
Over €20 million of value provided through better access and quality

Dermtest uses Estonian digital society framework for top security and encryption.
We use government cloud for authentication and eID support for EU sign-ups.
Dermtest has been evaluated for privacy by German ePrivacy certification agency