Dermtest started with skin cancer early detection tools and is now a comprehensive digital toolbox for skin and wound care.

Patients access care through online telehealth or empowered local doctors 

Dermtest includes a web-app for fast capturing of skin-problems at home and also empowers local doctors to become the one-stop-shop for high quality skin care.

Remote diagnostics will be provided by experienced dermatologists in your country

Dermatologist receives all the relevant data to make the evaluation of the skin problem and provide an initial diagnosis and suggestions for further treatment. 

Personalized summary reports

Dermtest generates a personalized follow-up plan, which can be provided to patients. The dermatologist's image evaluation is topped up with algorithm-generated prevention tips.

100% of Estonian regions covered
More than 80,000
images stored
Over 15 million of value provided through early detection

Dermtest takes a population based approach for image management and makes sure face-to-face visits are brought to minimum, while the level of care is kept high. The integrated image management solution combines telehealth, decision support, personalized medicine and patient reported outcome capturing.