Data protection

How Dermtest takes care of patient data

Data protection is our priority

Our Dermtest software is programmed according to all Estonian and European data protection and privacy laws.

Experienced developers

At Dermtest we have several experts in the field on e-Health, Internet Security, Health Regulations and laws, who work every day to ensure the trustworthyness and security of our service. Starting with using only secure servers and ending with encrypting and using extra authentication methods for the imaging devices used at the nurse's office. Our aim is to provide a secure and modern telemedicine service.

Strong SSL certificates

All connections are using Secure-Socket-Layer technolgy, which encrypted the whole communications between the GP's computer and Dermtest servers.

Encrypted databases

Databases are encrypted, which means they can only be read using a secure key.

Secure servers

Server operate according to the same security standards as servers of public institutions and large corporations. The servers are located inside Estonia. Servers are protected according to the three-level IT baseline security system called ISKE. ISKE is compulsory for state and local government organisations and is based on the German IT Baseline Protection Manual (IT-Grundschutz in German), which has been adapted to suit the Estonian situation.

New and secure technologies

In a world, where technology is moving at a very fast pace we always ensure, that we use the newest, most stable and  safe technology. We constantly monitor new developments and implement them after they have been proven secure and effective for medical use.

Secure authentication

We use Estonian ID-cards for authentication of physicians.